Artech is started with Electrical Engineering. We work with following branches in Elecetrical Engineering.

Electrical Designing: We study the electrical requirement of our client. We calculate the Maximum load demands of the clients and also study the parameters. We take in to consideration, future expansion programs of our Client. Then we derive the load calculations. We also calculate the Fault level calculations. Accordingly we design the System. We also see that the system contains maximum Energy efficient equipments and accessories. We keep ourselves updated with latest technologies and standards. We keep our self updated with latest developments.

Earthing Designing: We do the soil survey. The study the condition of soil and plant electrical requirement. We design earthing system.

Preparing the Electrical Tender Documents.

Assisting Client to Finalise the Electrical Contractor.

Monitoring the Project Execution.

Panel Design and Manufacture.

Electrical Material Supply.































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